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Soundarea link grabber

the script put a list of links in your clipboard. i use jdownloader so the jd linkgrabber grab the links at the moment, but you can paste them in the notepad for check them better


open the settings.txt file and edit the settings

your soundarea login
this must be one page of the vip area where are listed the links
the genres that you don't want to include
GenresToExlude=black metal;death metal
in this days the ul and rs links never match. so i use to include boths.;;;
i never include the VA link, but you can change it to true
i never download SAT SBD FM etc etc... rips, so i exlude them

execute the script:

LinkGrabber settings.txt

if you receive a framework error when you execute the script you should install this and update the .net framework to the lastest version

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